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3rd August, 2023

Artfun+ by Imageens wins the Europeen EIT Health Grant

Imageens, a French leading startup in medical technology, has been awarded the prestigious EIT Health grant for its cutting-edge solution, Artfun+. This revolutionary technology plays a pivotal role in the CMRAI project in partnership with Sorbonne University and Siemens, aiming to revolutionize precision cardiovascular medicine in aortic aneurysm through advanced...

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1st January, 2023

Artfun+ Receives EU MDR Class 2a Approval for Medical Device.

Artfun+, powered by Imageens, has received Class 2a approval under the EU's new Medical Device Regulation (EU MDR), becoming the world's most clinically validated device measuring MRI imaging biomarkers related to arterial stiffness and cardiovascular diseases. This breakthrough promises to transform cardiovascular risk assessment for clinicians worldwide. Cardiovascular diseases are...

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16th August, 2022

Imageens & CHU Nancy Collaborate to Elevate Cardiovascular Assessment for Elite Athletes

In the objective of advancing athletic performance and health, Imageens, a leading MedTech startup has forged a strategic partnership with CHU Nancy (Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Nancy). This pioneering collaboration is set to redefine the way arterial stiffness is measured in high-level athletes, contributing to a deeper understanding of cardiovascular...

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31st October, 2021

Artfun+ Biomarkers Transforms Aortic Aneurysm Management

Imageens is proud to announce that it has teamed up with a consortium of medical professionals, researchers, and engineers across Europe to launch a transformative initiative named CMRAI. The project, funded by the European Union under the EIT Health framework, is poised to revolutionize the prognosis and management of aortic...

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27th October, 2021

CDS Tool for Cardiovascular Prevention Powered by Artfun+ Biomarkers

Artfun+ solution has laid the foundation for an extraordinary breakthrough – a predictive clinical decision tool named CardioInspect. This visionary solution harnesses the power of Artfun+ technology to drive accurate cardiovascular age and risk analysis. Based on the years of research and clinical validation of Artfun+, CardioInspect aims to revolutionize...

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26th October, 2021

Artfun+ is used by Pitité Salpétrière Hospital

In a remarkable stride towards advancing medical diagnostics and treatment, Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital, a beacon of excellence in the healthcare realm and consistently ranked among the world's top 10 best hospitals, has chosen to harness the power of Artfun+, a cutting-edge technology. Developed by Imageens a French leading startup in medical...

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16th August, 2021

Inselspital de Bern used Imageens’ technology for Cardiovascular Health Assessment

Inselspital de Bern, a leading medical center renowned for its excellence in patient care and research shows interest to use Imageens solution, Artfun+ and Cardioinspect for transforming cardiovascular health assessment and management. By combining Imageens' technological expertise with Inselspital de Bern's clinical excellence, patients can look forward to a future where early detection and proactive...

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31st January, 2020

Artfun+ Technology Highlighted by BBC News

We are excited to announce that Artfun+, the cutting-edge medical technology developed by Imageens, has been creating a significant impact in the field of healthcare. Recently, BBC News featured a groundbreaking study highlighting the remarkable potential of Artfun+ in monitoring cardiovascular health through marathon training. Artfun+'s technology has demonstrated that...

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