Clinical Applications

The Core Of Our Biomarker Is
The Measurement Of Ascending Aortic Distensibility By MRI

Ascending Aortic Distensibility (AAD) measures the stiffness of the central arteries: the strongest predictor of CV events at 8.5 years for intermediate/low risk patients using traditional risk factors

Multiple Potential Clinical
Application On Several Unmet Markets

Primary Prevention

Start & monitor cardiovascular prevention by
getting a personal analysis of your cardiovascular
age and risk. See Cardioinspect

Secondary Prevention

Predict recurrence ischemic events in premature
coronary artery diseases. See Publication

Aortic Aneurysms

predict the risk of patients aortas rupturing and help doctors decide when to pre- emptively operate their patients.

Preoperative Cardiac Risk

Assessment Of cardiac risk in intermediate risk patients both before and after major surgery to prevent cardiac event

Carotid Stenoses

predict the risk of detaching the atherosclerotic plaque in the carotid arteries and help doctors decide when to operate their patients

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ArtFun+'s Biomarkers for Cardiovascular Check-ups

Discover Cardioinspect a decision tool based on arfun+ biomarkers that helps cardiologist and clinics to start and monitor cardiovascular prevention by providing a personal report that screen the cardiovascular age and detect the earliest signs of cardiovacular disease.

Systemic Impact Of

High Central Vascular Stiffness


Myocardial Dysfunction & Heart Failure & Left Arterial Dysfunction & Reduced Coronary Flow Reserve


Subclinical Brain
& Pathology Cognitive
& Impairment / Dementia


Insulin Resistance


Chronic Kidney Disease


Testosterone Deficiency

Placenta-Fetal Unit

Pre-Eclampsia Intrauterine Growth Restriction

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Scientific Evidence.

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