Imageens & CHU Nancy Collaborate to Elevate Cardiovascular Assessment for Elite Athletes

In the objective of advancing athletic performance and health, Imageens, a leading MedTech startup has forged a strategic partnership with CHU Nancy (Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Nancy). This pioneering collaboration is set to redefine the way arterial stiffness is measured in high-level athletes, contributing to a deeper understanding of cardiovascular health and performance optimization.

At the heart of this partnership is Imageens’ solution, Artfun+ which provides a sophisticated and non-invasive method to measure arterial stiffness. Leveraging state-of-the-art imaging technology and advanced algorithms, Artfun+ offers a comprehensive evaluation of an athlete’s cardiovascular health, enabling more precise risk assessment and tailored performance enhancement strategies.

This partnership exemplifies the powerful synergy between medical innovation and athletic excellence. Together, Imageens and CHU Nancy are poised to reshape cardiovascular assessment for elite athletes, ultimately contributing to a healthier and more triumphant athletic landscape.

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CHU Nancy, expressed enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, “We are thrilled to join forces with Imageens and integrate the Artfun+ solution into our athlete health assessment protocols. This partnership marks a significant leap forward in our ability to provide athletes with the most advanced, accurate, and personalized evaluations of their cardiovascular health, ultimately contributing to their overall performance and well-being.”

About Imageens:

Imageens is a Paris-based Healthtech company founded in 2017, focusing on the prevention and early diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases (CVD). Since its inception, Imageens has been immersed in international DeepTech and established with the goal of developing market-ready medical image processing software based on over 10 years of technical and clinical research conducted by world-class research institutions such as Sorbonne Université, the AP-HP, and Johns Hopkins.

From the outset, Imageens has demonstrated its capability to harness advanced AI in creating cutting-edge medical software. This innovation has earned recognition through several prestigious French innovation competitions and multiple innovation labels.


Today, Imageens leads the charge in the rapidly growing field of AI in cardiovascular health and medical imaging. The company possesses the world’s most clinically validated technology for analyzing arterial function through MRI, deploying this technology alongside other AI components to revolutionize treatment decisions in cardiovascular health and beyond. Learn more at


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