CDS Tool for Cardiovascular Prevention Powered by Artfun+ Biomarkers

Artfun+ solution has laid the foundation for an extraordinary breakthrough – a predictive clinical decision tool named CardioInspect. This visionary solution harnesses the power of Artfun+ technology to drive accurate cardiovascular age and risk analysis. Based on the years of research and clinical validation of Artfun+, CardioInspect aims to revolutionize the way practitioners and patients approach preventive healthcare.

Cardiovascular diseases pose a significant global health challenge, demanding innovative solutions for early detection and prevention.  At the heart of CardioInspect’s design lies the objective of predicting cardiovascular risks well in advance to empower prevention and proactive care. The tool’s core technology revolves around evaluating the rigidity of the ascending aorta through non-irradiating MRI imaging, enabling the detection of early signs of fragility in vessels and subclinical cardiovascular diseases. This preventive approach addresses the rigidity of the cardiovascular system, a key predictor of cardiovascular disease development and aging.

“We recognized the need to predict cardiovascular risks and intervene at an early stage to improve patient outcomes,” said the CEO of Imageens. “WE harnessed Artfun+ biomarkers to develop CardioInspect.”

Over years, Imageens’ team of engineers collaborated with renowned medical institutions to develop and refine the Artfun+ technology. This endeavor required a decade of rigorous clinical research studies and the involvement of over 4,000 patients in clinical trials, generating more than 1.5 million digital images. This dedication led to 77 publications in reputable medical journals, showcasing Imageens’ commitment to advancing cardiovascular imaging research.

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