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We are excited to announce that Artfun+, the cutting-edge medical technology developed by Imageens, has been creating a significant impact in the field of healthcare. Recently, BBC News featured a groundbreaking study highlighting the remarkable potential of Artfun+ in monitoring cardiovascular health through marathon training. Artfun+’s technology has demonstrated that by following a 6-month moderate sports program and other non-therapeutic prevention programs, cardiovascular age could be improved by 4+ years. This showcases the technology’s ability to measure and quantify anti-aging interventions.

The BBC News article reported on a collaborative study conducted by researchers from Barts and University College London, in partnership with Barts Heart Centre. The study involved 138 novice runners who trained for and completed the prestigious London Marathon. Over the course of six months of dedicated training, researchers monitored the participants’ vascular health using Artfun+ technology.


The findings were nothing short of astonishing. Novice runners, even those with no prior marathon experience, experienced a significant improvement in their arteries’ elasticity. This improvement led to a reduction of approximately four years in their “vascular age.” Such a reduction suggests that the cardiovascular system of these individuals became significantly younger, resulting in a decreased risk of heart attacks and strokes.

Furthermore, the participants’ blood pressure showed remarkable improvement as well. The reduction in blood pressure was equivalent to the effect of prescription medication. This indicates that marathon training not only benefits arterial health but also has a profound impact on overall cardiovascular well-being.


The study also shed light on the impact of fitness levels on the results. Interestingly, those who were the least fit before starting the training appeared to benefit the most. This finding emphasizes the potential of Artfun+ technology to bring about substantial improvements even in individuals with lower fitness levels.


The British Heart Foundation (BHF), which funded the research, commented on the study’s findings, highlighting that even smaller amounts of aerobic exercise could have similar positive effects on vascular health. This suggests that the benefits of regular exercise go beyond just fitness and have a direct impact on cardiovascular well-being.


Artfun+ has emerged as a trailblazing technology in cardiovascular research. Its ability to accurately measure and quantify vascular aging biomarkers allows researchers and clinicians to gain deeper insights into the impact of lifestyle choices on aging and cardiovascular health.

Dr. Charlotte Manisty, the lead researcher on the study, expressed excitement over the implications of their findings. “This study provides solid evidence that training for and completing a marathon can have significant positive effects on arterial health.


As the medical community delves further into the potentials of Artfun+, we anticipate exciting developments in preventing and managing age-related cardiovascular diseases. These findings offer hope for aging populations, pointing towards lifestyle interventions that can positively impact cardiovascular health and potentially extend healthy lifespans.

With Artfun+ leading the charge in cardiovascular research, we are confident that it will continue to revolutionize the assessment and management of cardiovascular health, empowering individuals and healthcare professionals alike.

About Artfun+:

Artfun+ is a cutting-edge medical technology developed by Imageens. It revolutionizes the assessment and management of cardiovascular health by providing precise measurements of vascular aging biomarkers, enabling early interventions and personalized treatment plans.

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