Month: October 2021

31st October, 2021

Imaging Biomarkers in Primary Prevention of Cardiovascular Diseases

The webinar conducted by Imageens ( link)  focused on the role of imaging biomarkers in primary prevention of cardiovascular diseases (CVD). The webinar featured two leading speakers: Professor Alban Redheuil, head of cardiovascular radiology at La Pitié Salpêtrière, and Dr. Antonio Gallo, a lipidologist in the cardiovascular prevention unit at...

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31st October, 2021

Artfun+ Biomarkers Transforms Aortic Aneurysm Management

Imageens is proud to announce that it has teamed up with a consortium of medical professionals, researchers, and engineers across Europe to launch a transformative initiative named CMRAI. The project, funded by the European Union under the EIT Health framework, is poised to revolutionize the prognosis and management of aortic...

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27th October, 2021

CDS Tool for Cardiovascular Prevention Powered by Artfun+ Biomarkers

Artfun+ solution has laid the foundation for an extraordinary breakthrough – a predictive clinical decision tool named CardioInspect. This visionary solution harnesses the power of Artfun+ technology to drive accurate cardiovascular age and risk analysis. Based on the years of research and clinical validation of Artfun+, CardioInspect aims to revolutionize...

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26th October, 2021

Artfun+ is used by Pitité Salpétrière Hospital

In a remarkable stride towards advancing medical diagnostics and treatment, Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital, a beacon of excellence in the healthcare realm and consistently ranked among the world's top 10 best hospitals, has chosen to harness the power of Artfun+, a cutting-edge technology. Developed by Imageens a French leading startup in medical...

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1st October, 2021

ArtFun+ present at TEDx 2021

Imageens is thrilled to announce that we had the honor of participating in the prestigious TEDx event, where an enlightening presentation on the topic of "How Cardiovascular Age Measured from Arterial Stiffness Biomarkers is Preventing Cardiovascular Diseases." The event provided a remarkable platform for sharing our innovative insights and solutions....

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