Artfun+ Biomarkers Transforms Aortic Aneurysm Management

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Imageens is proud to announce that it has teamed up with a consortium of medical professionals, researchers, and engineers across Europe to launch a transformative initiative named CMRAI. The project, funded by the European Union under the EIT Health framework, is poised to revolutionize the prognosis and management of aortic aneurysms – a severe cardiovascular condition with potentially life-threatening complications. By leveraging Artfun+’s cutting-edge biomarkers, this collaborative endeavor aims to provide a comprehensive solution that empowers physicians and patients to make informed decisions and potentially prevent aortic aneurysm complications.

Aortic aneurysms, characterized by the abnormal dilatation of the large artery originating from the heart’s left ventricle, pose a significant threat due to the risk of rupture or dissection, with mortality rates as high as 80%. This condition is often underestimated, and diagnosis primarily relies on imaging techniques. Patients with aortic aneurysms grapple with the challenge of estimating their personal risk of life-threatening complications, particularly when the aortic size falls below surgical intervention thresholds.

CMRAI brings together expertise from diverse disciplines – including physicians, surgeons, researchers, and engineers – under the leadership of Sorbonne University in Paris. The project’s vision is to create a platform that allows physicians across Europe to predict a patient’s aortic risk and facilitate decisions related to surgery through a risk assessment score.

The project’s primary objectives encompass advancing MRI as a non-invasive alternative to the conventional CT scan for assessing aortic aneurysms. The utilization of  Artfun+ Biomarkers will provide information about the aorta and insights into blood flow dynamics and aortic wall elasticity. Furthermore, CMRAI aims to develop sophisticated software that enables physicians to precisely measure individual patients’ aortic dimensions, shape, blood flow, and wall forces – all pivotal factors influencing the risk of complications.

Anticipated outcomes of CMRAI include accelerated access to non-invasive MRI examinations for patients, providing crucial information without the need for contrast injection. Physicians, including radiologists, cardiologists, and surgeons, will gain access to comprehensive data that will inform their decision-making process, combining anatomical insights with dynamic flow information.

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