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31st January, 2020

Artfun+ Technology Highlighted by BBC News

We are excited to announce that Artfun+, the cutting-edge medical technology developed by Imageens, has been creating a significant impact in the field of healthcare. Recently, BBC News featured a groundbreaking study highlighting the remarkable potential of Artfun+ in monitoring cardiovascular health through marathon training. Artfun+'s technology has demonstrated that...

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27th January, 2020

Artfun+ Measures & Quantify Anti-Aging Interventions

Advancements in medical technology have led to groundbreaking discoveries in healthcare, and Artfun+ stands as a revolutionary breakthrough in measuring vascular aging biomarkers. Artfun+'s technology has demonstrated that following a 6-month moderate sports program and other non-therapeutic prevention programs could improve cardiovascular age by 4+ years (link to the study)....

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