Artfun+ Measures & Quantify Anti-Aging Interventions

Advancements in medical technology have led to groundbreaking discoveries in healthcare, and Artfun+ stands as a revolutionary breakthrough in measuring vascular aging biomarkers.

Artfun+’s technology has demonstrated that following a 6-month moderate sports program and other non-therapeutic prevention programs could improve cardiovascular age by 4+ years (link to the study).


In collaboration with Barts Heart Centre, Barts Health NHS Trust in London, United Kingdom, Imageens showcased the remarkable potential of Artfun+ in unraveling the secrets of vascular aging. The study’s findings, published in a prestigious scientific journal, demonstrated that running a marathon can significantly reduce ‘artery age,’ and first-time marathon training can reverse age-related aortic stiffening: vascular age is reversible.

Understanding Vascular Aging Biomarkers

Vascular aging involves the gradual loss of blood vessel elasticity and functionality, increasing the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Accurately assessing vascular aging has been challenging, limiting our understanding of lifestyle choices’ impact on aging.

Artfun+: Empowering Breakthrough Science

Artfun+ is a state-of-the-art technology designed to measure and analyze vascular aging biomarkers with unprecedented precision. Developed by Imageens, this breakthrough technology has emerged as a game-changer in cardiovascular research.

The Collaborative Study

In a landmark collaboration with Barts Heart Centre, Artfun+ examined vascular aging in a group of athletes. The study involved a cohort of marathon runners, including both experienced athletes and those training for their first marathon. Researchers collected data using Artfun+ to assess the elasticity and age-related changes in the participants’ blood vessels.

Reversibility of Vascular Age

The study revealed a remarkable revelation: lifestyle interventions, particularly regular marathon running, can reverse vascular age. Athletes engaged in regular marathon training exhibited significantly younger ‘artery age’ compared to their chronological age. Training for a first-time marathon, even at lower exercise intensity, reduced central blood pressure and aortic stiffness, equivalent to a 4-year reduction in vascular age. Older, slower individuals showed even greater rejuvenation.

First-Time Marathon Training: A Reverse-Aging Phenomenon

Intriguingly, the study also revealed that training for a first-time marathon could reverse age-related aortic stiffening. As individuals prepared for their maiden marathon, their aorta’s stiffness decreased significantly, resembling characteristics of younger blood vessels.

Implications for Future Research and Health Interventions

These findings offer promise for future research in cardiovascular health and aging. Understanding the malleability of vascular age enables targeted interventions to reduce cardiovascular disease risk in aging populations. Artfun+ empowers researchers and clinicians to accurately assess vascular health, identify individuals at higher risk of age-related vascular issues, and enable early interventions and personalized treatment plans.


Artfun+ emerges as a trailblazing technology for measuring vascular aging biomarkers, opening new avenues for breakthrough science in cardiovascular research. The study’s partnership with Barts Heart Centre demonstrated the reversibility of vascular age in athletes engaging in regular marathon training. This discovery offers hope for aging populations, pointing towards lifestyle interventions that positively impact cardiovascular health and potentially extend healthy lifespans.


As the medical community explores Artfun+’s potentials, we anticipate exciting developments in preventing and managing age-related cardiovascular diseases. Together, these innovations empower us to take control of our health and unlock the secrets of aging gracefully.

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