Predictive MRI
Imaging Biomarkers Of Cardiovascular Events

Measure new MRI Biomarkers that assist physicians to predict and detect earliest sign of cardiovascular diseases across large at-risk and asymptomatic patients’ populations

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MDR CE Class IIa




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Measure arterial stiffness and flow biomarkers

ArtFun+ measures biomarkers  that compliment routine MRI exams with analysis enabling a personalized prognosis of the cardiovascular Health status of patients.

Biomarkers Offered By ArtFun+

Vascular stiffness and hemodynamics biomarkers commonly recognized as a major risk factor for cardiovascular diseasesand significant predictors of mortality

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The mechanical deformation of the patient's vessel during the cardiac cycle.

Pulse Wave Velocity

The speed at which a cardiac pulse wave travels through a segment of the cardiovascular system

Directional Flow

Blood flow in the physiological direction (Forward flow)


Blood flow in the opposite of the physiological direction (Backward flow)

How it works

Artfun+ Provides Arterial Stiffness Biomarkers

From Cardiovascular MRI Scan

01. MRI Acquisition

SSFP / PC  acquisitions 

See recommended acquisition

02. Analysis App

Segmentation & Calculation

03. Precision Biomarkers

Arterial stiffness & fluid dynamics


Based On A Robust Clinically Validated Algorithm

ArtFun+ is the most clinically validated & most published

technology for measuring arterial stiffness measurement by

MRI. It was validated in a world-famous clinical trial led by Johns Hopkins

(USA), sponsored by the NIH, with 3’675 patients followed-up

over 8.5 years (MESA, Multi-Ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis)

1 st
Algorithm of choise
for the Mesa Trial
0 M
Images used to
validate The algorithm
2 K
Patients used to
validate the algorithm
55 +
Scientific Papers

A Strong Scientific Evidence Technology

Artfun+ technology powered a series of +75 publications with Leading cardiovascular
healthcare professionals, that increased the understanding of cv diseases.

Trusted By Over 60 Of The World's Leading Clinical Centers

60 leading healthcare institutions in 13 countries have used ArtFun+ for their research or clinical practice.

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